What is acetate?

Acetate gives glasses a more stylish appearance and marked features.

Many customers of ours who prefer acetate frames. This is because the material allows many different possibilities of colour combinations. With other materials, like metal, however, the customer has more limited possibilities.

Wood or cotton combined with cellulose largely makes up the material acetate. This is then mixed with acetic acid or anhydrides. In this way, the acetate becomes more durable and, consequently, the frames are more resistant to day-to-day wear and tear.

Despite the advantages, many people still equate plastic frames to lower quality. This is, however, incorrect. Certainly, acetate is one of the best materials because it ensures you a very durable and long-lasting pair of glasses.

Which glasses manufacturers use acetate?

As already stated, acetate is a very popular material, which is why many of the largest glasses and sunglasses manufacturers use acetate to make their frames.

Among others, we can name Ray-Ban, who for many years has chosen acetate as its main material. There are, among others, models such as the Clubmaster. Many people know this model and equate it to high quality. It is made of very solid plastic.

In addition, other manufacturers such as Persol have also chosen to use acetate as a material in their frames. Persol is a brand synonymous with quality and is a favourite of many celebrities.

In conclusion, you should never refuse a frame just because it is made of acetate.

Find your acetate glasses at Heiko by Heiko, where we also only use the best materials in our own collection.

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