Here at Heiko by Heiko in Torre del Mar, our service does not end when you have purchased your glasses or sunglasses from us!

Read on to find out more about the services we offer as aftercare.

Free Adjustments

When you get new glasses with us, we take the time to adjust them perfectly to your face. This includes adjusting the nose pads and making sure that the arms are comfortable around the contours behind your ears.

We know, however, that the daily use of glasses makes them a bit looser over time. Or maybe somebody sits on your glasses. Even in scenarios like this, we can try our best to bend them back into shape!

That is why you are always welcome to visit us and get your glasses tightened, loosened, and adjusted in general.

Don’t worry about your nosepads, either – we can fix and/or replace them at no extra cost!

Free Ultrasonic Cleaning

You can easily remove ordinary superficial dirt on the glasses either by rinsing the glasses in lukewarm water or by wiping them with a microfibre cloth. We also have special cleaning spray available in store, which is recommend for all kinds of lenses.

Over time, however, there may be dirt on the edges of the frame where you cannot reach.

We can, therefore, clean your frames in our ultrasonic cleaning machine completely free of charge. This generally takes around half an hour, after which you walk away with glasses which look and feel as good as new!

To summarise, our aftercare services set us apart from our competitors.

Our customers are always welcome to return for their free adjustments and ultrasonic cleans – no appointment necessary!

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