Colour-Changing Lenses

Have you ever wanted to go outside, whether planning a bike ride or just to walk to the shops but you’re not sure what the weather will be like?

Either you forget your glasses and have to squint in glorious sunshine or you bring sunglasses with you just in case but have to change glasses every 10 minutes because the sun intermittently hides behind the clouds.

Without sunglasses, it is too bright but it is too dark with them on.

But have you thought about colour-changing lenses..?

Our eyes are constantly adjusting to changing light conditions without us even realising it.

Colour-changing lenses allow our eyes to stay as relaxed as possible.

With self-tinting glasses, it is like having clear glasses and sunglasses all in one pair.

When it is dimly lit or cloudy, the glasses look “normal” (the lenses remain clear), but when you step outside into the bright sunshine, the colour of the lenses darkens to protect your eyes.

The way they work is that the lenses are mainly reacting to UV radiation and adapt to the sun’s rays, automatically becoming darker or brighter.

The great advantage of self-tinting lenses: they protect against glare and harmful UV radiation, regardless of whether they are clear or tinted.

These lenses are also available for all prescriptions, for reading and for distance.

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