Contact Lens Trial

Here at Heiko by Heiko opticians, we know that it’s sometimes nice to not have to wear glasses. Glasses have their disadvantages, after all! Whether you have been thinking about switching to contact lenses or it’s just been a while since you have worn contact lenses and you want to try them again, we are here to help. In any case, there have been many technological advances in contact lenses over the past few years when it comes to contact lenses!

For first time users, it can be especially scary to try contact lenses. For this reason, you should mention that fact to us. If this is the case, our skilled opticians will show you how to insert and remove contact lenses. In addition, if you choose to wear monthly lenses, the optician will advise you on the proper storage and care instructions for your contact lenses.

We offer our customers a free 10-day trial of contact lenses. This allows the customers to see if the contact lenses are comfortable enough for them to wear and, most importantly, if they correct their vision.

After the 10-day trial, if happy, the customers should return (wearing the contact lenses) to have another check-up to make sure that the lenses are sitting properly and, even more, not damaging the eye in any way.

To find out more about the kinds of contact lenses that we have available, please click here! Additionally, we have a page dedicated to inserting and removing contact lenses. As well as this, you can find out about how to take care of your lenses here.

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