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If you cannot come to us to have your eyes tested, we will come to you. Do you want to buy your glasses from us, but there is a lack of time or mobility? That is no obstacle to having an eye test done. If you cannot get to us, then we will conduct an effective and thorough test in your home.

Above all, it is important to us that our customers are happy with our service and return. But what is it exactly that sets Optica Heiko by Heiko in Torre del Mar apart from our competitors? We want to give our customers an individualised, one-to-one service so that they feel comfortable and valued. Our home visits are just one facet to this. It is a very handy service for those of our customers who find it difficult to come to the store.

Who are the home visits for?

Some of our customers, for example, have limited mobility. This means that it isn’t always very easy for them to come to see us for an eye test and to collect their glasses or sunglasses. This is especially true during certain times of the year when parking becomes particularly tricky. When this is the case, it will maybe be a longer walk than expected from the car to the opticians. As well as this, some of our customers come from further afield, for example, from Marbella. With the drive being perhaps over an hour, it is not always feasible that the customer is able to come to visit us for an eye test. To then have to drive back and forward again to pick up their glasses or sunglasses when they are ready is not very convenient. This is especially true if they are on holiday and would prefer to have a relaxing time!

Don’t worry about a thing: that is where our home visit comes in!

How do the home visits work?

Before coming to the customer’s home, we will chat for a while over the phone. This is to determine what their needs are and if there are any particular designs of glasses that appeal to them. Then, after the shop shuts for the evening, one of us will make our way to our customer so that an eye test can be carried out at home. We will also have with us a small selection of glasses for the customer to try on, picked out according to the taste of the customer. Then, when the glasses or sunglasses are ready, we will come round to the customer’s home again in order to properly fit them to their face. This is also a very important step because if the glasses don’t fit properly, they will either fall off all the time or give the wearer pressure headaches from being too tight.

With our home visits, the customer still gets the personalised, one-to-one service that we strive to provide. Indeed, they get their free eye test and can pick out a pair of glasses or sunglasses from one of our beloved name brands. All this in the comfort of their own home! What can be better than that? 

If you need to take advantage of the home visit service, please feel free to call us and communicate your personal needs to us.

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