Looking After Your Contact Lenses

Your eyesight is very important, so it is of the highest importance that you look after your contact lenses. If they are looked after, they are even more comfortable!

Cleaning contact lenses

As already stated, it is important to take care of your contact lenses, so that the risk of eye infections is kept to a minimum. If you wear reusable lenses – monthly or otherwise – you have to make sure that you clean them routinely to make sure your eyes stay healthy.

  • After taking out your lenses, rub them gently with a few drops of solution.

  • Place your contact lenses in a clean lens case to store them. The case should be filled with fresh solution.

  • Don’t forget: never use tap water to clean your lenses or contact lens case as this can lead to eye infections.

Full List of Dos and Don’ts


  • Check that the prescription on the lens packaging is correct

  • Check your contact lens solution instructions before use

  • Wash and dry your hands before handling your lenses or touching your eye

  • Insert your lenses before applying eye make-up

  • Contact us if you have any concerns or queries

  • Stop wearing your lenses if your eyes become red or sore and contact us for advice

  • Throw away your lenses after the recommended amount of time

  • Clean your lens case regularly and allow it to air dry

  • Replace your lens case regularly

  • Make sure that the top of the solution bottle is on after using it

  • Use fresh solution to store your lenses

  • Dispose of solution bottles after the recommended period


  • Wear your lenses longer than advised

  • Ignore problems or discomfort with your lenses

  • Hesitate to contact us if you have a problem

  • Use tap water to store, clean or rinse your contact lenses or case

  • Use your lenses for swimming, hot tubs or water sports, unless wearing goggles

  • Wear your lenses when showering unless you keep your eyes firmly closed

  • Lick your lenses

  • Sleep in your lenses

  • Wear your lenses if you are using eye drops prescribed by your doctor

  • Change your cleaning regime without contacting us for professional advice

  • Reuse the solutions of saline in your lens case