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Persol is Italian art and craftsmanship at the highest level! Most people know the stylish Italian brand that competes with RayBan to dominate the world of eyewear and sunglasses. It is a battle that Persol can step up to because of their lavish designs and handmade frames that are truly created to impress and delight. The Italian brand sets new standards in quality and design, which shines through when you take a look at their wide range of premium glasses. Persol glasses are a safe bet if you are looking for something unique and durable, which are smart and last for several years.

For more than 90 years, Persol has been one of the preferred providers of both optical and sunglasses. This is not without reason. The Italian manufacturer, through their handmade frames and impressive designs, manages to enchant fashionable men and women.

Italian fashion designer Giuseppe Ratti founded the Persol brand. In fact, he launched the first collection back in 1917. The headquarters were located in Agordo, Italy. Originally, Persol designed the sunglasses for racing drivers and pilots, and you can still see this in the design today. Therefore, among other things, you will find the legendary pilot glasses in the Persol range. These glasses have the characteristic round shape and the thin frame. To this day, all the glasses are still produced in Lauriano, Italy. This is also a testimony to the quality and the brand’s history. Today, the brand is more widely spread and appeals to the general population. It has definitely succeeded, as Persol glasses and sunglasses are widely owned today.

The brand was first used by the Armed Forces and the Italian Air Force

Persol is for fashion enthusiasts who want the most stylish expression at all. As mentioned, the quality is top-notch, which makes the glasses long-lasting and comfortable to wear. This is a big plus because you often wear your glasses for a long time at a time, which is why comfort should be of the highest quality. Persol has developed many glasses over the years, which means that you have a high chance of finding a model that suits your taste. One should not compromise when it comes to glasses and sunglasses, so why not try Persol’s top quality and timeless design.


When the talk turns to stylish sunglasses, you shouldn’t miss Persol, which, by virtue of its unique history, has created a brand that in many ways symbolises status and fashion awareness. Italy has always been the home of fashion and style, both in glasses and other apparel. The many stylish glass from Persol reflect this.

As already stated, Persol designed sunglasses with racing drivers and pilots in mind, which of course has left its clear imprint on both design and quality. Neither racing drivers nor pilots can afford to have impaired vision, which is why premium material make up the glasses. Persol still makes its sunglasses with high-quality materials to this day, which means that you are buying a pair of long-lasting glasses.

Persol’s style is timeless and unique. You can see this the large range you can find at Heiko by Heiko, where we have something for everyone. The classic pilot decoration, which you see on many of Persol’s glasses, adds extra style and elegance. It is the high-quality design that is of such great value when it comes to sunglasses.

The brand caters to both men and women. We have a selection of Persol glasses and sunglasses, so you can safely find a pair that matches your needs. Here you will find unisex models, as well as specific models for each gender. You can definitely find the right glasses or sunglasses from Persol!

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