Polarised Sunglasses

Choosing polarised sunglasses is the best decision you can make when it comes to eyewear. Importantly, they offer guaranteed protection against harmful UV radiation. Additionally, they almost completely absorb any annoying reflections.

For instance, if you play water sports, you will know how much the reflections on the water surface can affect your vision. Certainly, it can also affect your enjoyment! Similarly, it is true of the surface of snow and wet roads. This can be unpleasant and can impede your ability to see. Furthermore, the lower the sun is, the worse it gets. Polarised sunglasses reduce the brightness and enhance contrasts, even improving colour perception!

But how do they work?

When sunlight hits flat surfaces, like roads or snow, the light that is reflected travels in a more uniform direction. Unfortunately, this causes glare and can be potentially dangerous because it lowers your visibility.

A normal pair of sunglasses will not be able to prevent the dazzling effect caused by polarised light. Consequently, only specially polarised lenses are able to give you clear, reflection-free vision when you are doing your favourite things!

Visit Heiko by Heiko in Torre del Mar, where you can give us more information about your lifestyle and hobbies. After that, we can help you find your perfect lenses. Most importantly, having polarised sunglasses will help you enjoy your favourite activities even more.

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