There’s a reason why rock and pop stars, actors and many other celebrities have chosen RayBan as their favourite eyewear and sunglasses brand! RayBan is iconic and timeless, which of course makes the brand one of the most beloved in the world. The American brand is not only the world’s best-selling but also by far the most popular brand on the market. The stylish pilot look is a sure winner if you want something luxurious and unique. With world-renowned models such as Wayfarer and Aviator, RayBan has created a brand that caters to all young and old alike, who enjoy the iconic designs that the American eyewear manufacturer has managed to delight the world with since the first collection came out in 1937.

RayBan glasses are known for being made with premium materials, giving them longevity. Furthermore, it is logical that the quality is top-notch since nothing less will do for top-level fighter pilots. Originally, the first RayBan models were intended for the United States Air Force One (Air Force One); back then, it was the spectacles we know today as Aviators, that the pilots wore. It was the lack of quality glasses that prompted the US Air Force to contact RayBan in the first place, which then went by the name of Bausch & Lomb. 

Despite RayBan’s first breakthrough over 70 years ago, you still see their glasses and sunglasses everywhere in the street. Wayfarer, Aviator and Clubmaster are among the most popular models, but if you dive further into the range, you will also find many other great glasses from the American manufacturer.

The brand manages to impress the people time and time again by not only focusing on the design but also equipping the glasses with the latest lenses and technology. Thanks to the stylish designs and an innovative mindset that constantly keeps them ahead of the competition, Ray-Ban has been able to maintain their position as market leaders.

As mentioned, the design is timeless and unique. The Aviator look still shines through to this day, where the decoration and the shape of the glasses are very traditional. This has made RayBan easy to copy. However, there are some obvious differences between original RayBan glasses and the counterfeit products, which is why you should only invest in the originals. Fortunately, at Heiko by Heiko you will only find original Ray-Ban glasses, where you are guaranteed a bargain! Here at our opticians you will find a large selection of Ray-Ban glasses and sunglasses that can make you the fashion icon number one in your circle!

RayBan’s most famous styles of glasses and sunglasses are  the Aviator, Wayfarer, and Clubmaster designs. Click the style you would like to find out more about.

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