Silhouette is one of the world’s most popular eyewear and sunglasses brands. This is mainly due to the impressive lightweight designs. Silhouette is not like everyone else – quite the opposite! The company has fully focussed on the neat, the stylish and the functional. This gives you a remarkable look, without it being too flashy. Therefore, you get attention without people really noticing why. This is the great advantage of Silhouette glasses, which by virtue of the simple and stylish look creates a confident style. Silhouette is most of all known for their unrivalled frames, where the frame almost invisible. This creates an exclusive and sophisticated look, making the glasses extremely luxurious looking. Moreover, it also creates a professional expression that makes Silhouette glasses a great option for everyday wear as well as special occasions.

Silhouette was founded in 1961, inspired by the idea that eye-wear should be a stylish and important accessory. This philosophy is still to this day that all their glasses and sunglasses are made with love and the little details in mind. If you are looking for something elegant, simple and unique, then the range of Silhouette frames is unquestionably a great place to start.

But what makes Silhouette so special? First and foremost, it is the innovative thinking. Silhouette glasses are made of titanium, which makes the frames light, stylish, and flexible. Furthermore, they are resistant to everyday wear and tear. In addition, the ease of titanium is a huge advantage. Titanium makes the glasses comfortable to wear – even for long periods of time. The material allows the frame to sit neatly and comfortably on your nose, providing an exceptional comfort experience that you don’t get with other metal frames. Moreover, Silhouette has designed the world’s lightest spectacles without hinges and screws. NASA uses them and Silhouette has become a permanent component of up to 20 space journeys. This really shows Silhouette’s innovative mindset!

Silhouette glasses are suitable for all face shapes, which is mainly due to the lightweight titanium frame that looks light and elegant. In addition, the glasses show tremendous competence and professionalism – the glasses are perfect in every respect, for everyday as well as for parties and receptions.

These days, where high fashion makes you stand out in the crowd, the minimalistic design that characterizes all the Silhouette models is sure to be a big hit. You can be guaranteed a fashion upgrade if you choose to invest in Silhouette glasses. Renew your wardrobe with a pair of everyday or summer glasses. You can complete your look with the right glasses that will bring out all your best features.

Are you needing a pair of new sunglasses for the summer? Then you’ve come to the right place! We at Heiko by Heiko have an impressive selection of the latest trends. This includes many different models from Silhouette that combine the latest trends with impressive craftsmanship. When you buy from Silhouette, you will have a pair of the best sunglasses on the market. They not only protect your eyes from the sun’s rays but are also comfortable to wear. Moreover, they look incredibly stylish.

Silhouette sunglasses are a great purchase because you get the best of all worlds. The aesthetics are first-class, and the use of premium materials makes the glasses durable and comfortable. This means you can wear the glasses for several consecutive summer days without issues!

Silhouette sunglasses revolutionize the vision world

Elegant shapes, strong titanium frames and lots of beautiful details. These are just a few of the features that make Silhouette so groundbreaking. Silhouette really has an eye for the small details. Indeed, this emphasizes the designers’ desire and ability to think out of the box and deliver something creative. This is reflected, among other things, through the small jewels that sit on some of the glasses.

The distinctive air and sense of independence shine through these glasses. They are superb for everyday wear as well as for more professional business meetings. In this way, the Silhouette can easily be your ‘year-round summer spectacle’, as the design fits all events, big and small.

At Heiko by Heiko we sell a large selection of Silhouette glasses and sunglasses, which benefits you when you are looking for special and unique glasses.

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