Sports Glasses

Firstly, there are a large number of factors to consider when buying new glasses for playing sports. It is not as straightforward as you might think. This is because it is crucial that the glasses are adapted to you as well as the sport that you are practising. First and foremost, it is important that your glasses are for your particular sport. Often, it is the case that a pair of sports glasses are only suitable for one sport. For example, cycling glasses should sit snugly to the head to keep the speed wind away. Therefore, if you were to use your cycling glasses for running, you will typically find that the construction is too dense. Conversely, a pair of running glasses will not fit well for cycling either, as the glasses will provide poor protection.When looking for sports glasses, it is essential that you know in advance what type of glasses you are looking for!

Most important, the glasses must fit your face! This is regardless of whether you are looking for running glasses, cycling glasses, ski goggles or anything else. Indeed, sports glasses should preferably sit snug and comfortable on the nose so that the glasses do not jump and move around when you are gaining speed. In addition, the lenses must, of course, be high-quality. The right lenses will greatly improve your vision. Furthermore, this not only makes your experience more fun and better overall, but also safer. For instance, being dazzled on the way down by a ski run full of other skiers is potentially an extremely dangerous situation.

At Heiko by Heiko we sell sports glasses for most general sports, including running, skiing, cycling and golf. In fact, we have a large selection of the biggest sports manufacturers, including Oakley and Adidas.

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