Titanium is not like other materials. When it is the main component in frames, it ensures that the glasses are comfortable to wear. First and foremost, comfort has to be the priority when it comes to manufacturing frames, because it is important that you can wear them all day without discomfort. 

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William Gregory discovered titanium around 200 years ago. One can find  it in relatively large quantities in different parts of the world, which is perhaps the reason why it is so popular today. Interestingly, it is more significantly more difficult to melt titanium than other metals. This is why we only really started using titanium as a manufacturing material in the last 100 years.

Titanium – Lightness makes a world of differences

The days when the glasses were uncomfortable to wear have passed. Certainly, glasses wearers around the world want an ultra light and simple frame. Indeed, the weight of titanium is only 60% that of iron. This already tells how effective and lightweight this material is. Additionally, titanium weighs only 50% of what nickel and copper alloys weigh. Metal frames are normally made from nickel and copper alloys. In this way, the change between the different frames is very obvious. 

In addition, titanium also has many other advantages. It is a very resistant material – as resistant as steel in fact – and has the power to prevent rust. This means that its surface does not lose colour, which ensures you a beautiful pair of glasses for many years to come!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, titanium is hypoallergenic so your skin won’t react to it. This means that you won’t be having any allergic reactions!

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