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Among other stylish eyewear, we sell unique Wayfarer glasses from renowned manufacturer RayBan. Wayfarer glasses, since launching in 1952, have been closely associated with high quality and status. This is why you should definitely consider them the next time you invest in a pair of glasses.

Ray-Ban, which was the first brand on the market with Wayfarer glasses, originally produced them for the US Air Force. However, today the glasses naturally target a much wider audience. Indeed, virtually all fashion- and quality-conscious people around the globe have owned a pair of Wayfarer glasses, one of the market’s most popular models.

In our store, you can find a truly unique pair that stands out from the crowd, despite the huge popularity of Wayfarer glasses. Fortunately, demand has influenced the selection of glasses in this style, so today you find many different colours, sizes, materials and manufacturers.


Since launching in 1952, Wayfarers have established themselves as one of RayBan’s leading models. American eyewear manufacturer RayBan was the first with Wayfarer glasses on the market. The success is primarily due to the iconic design. This has led movie stars and other celebrities to wear the popular sunglasses.

RayBan is worth respect, as they were first in the market with Wayfarer glasses. The American brand has a much wider audience today than the US Air Force. This is emphasized by the fact that the glasses are aimed at all fashion- and quality- conscious people around the world today.

Innovative design, high-quality and traditional production methods are the keywords behind Wayfarer’s success. Thankfully, this success, despite a slight downturn, is on its way back.

Of course, the great interest in Wayfarer sunglasses has led to more and more variants of the popular glasses being designed and manufactured. The frame is available in a myriad of colours and materials, and the lens also varies from model to model. This means that, despite Wayfarer’s great fame, you can still stand out from the crowd with a truly unique spectacle.

Sunglasses are of course the most popular during the summer season. They absorb the sun’s rays effectively and smartly so that they do not affect your vision. Therefore, sunglasses have a functional advantage while radiating style. This is exactly why Wayfarer sunglasses are so popular today, as the quality of the lenses is top-notch, while you can’t find anything on the same level in terms of fashion.

Here at Heiko by Heiko, you will find a large number of Wayfarer sunglasses, including from RayBan, which means that you have a high chance of finding the right ones for you. Wayfarers are a timeless design and high-quality. You can count on them as the sunglasses for you this year and for the next several years. Simply look around and find your favourite!

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