If what you are looking for is something extraordinary, you should look for wooden frames. Somehow, wooden frames are unique and differ from the typical industrial frames made from metal or acetate. The use of this material was a total innovation in the world of glasses. Indeed, it is unique, elegant and extremely stylish. Most frames made from wood are handmade. They are generally tailored to your individual needs. Wood is extraordinary, and that is why you should choose wooden frames if you are looking for something more elegant but different from the norm.

Only your imagination sets limits

When it comes to the different design possibilities, it is your imagination that sets the limits. Wood is a very flexible material, unlike what many believe, so you have practically the same possibilities with this material as with acetate and metal. Ash veneer, smoked oak, or birch veneer can make up the frames. Indeed, each type of wood has its own history and feature. Therefore, it is difficult to choose just one. What these three types of wood have in common is their light weight and the feeling of comfort, which is difficult to describe until you have tried it. Wood is very flexible.

Moreover, harvesting the wood is done in a manner which causes minimal damage to the environment.

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