Etnia Barcelona


The brand focuses on colour and design, and quite often it is the case that fashion and art influences the designs. Therefore, Etnia works closely with famous artists, conducting two colour studies per year. Consequently, the customers always have the most up-to-date, stylish frames. The designs are also heavily influenced by vintage fashions, with the brand often recycling trends from previous decades. Then they bring them up to date for modern customers. Certainly, if you want to stand out from the crowd and enjoying expressing yourself using colour and fashion, then Etnia Barcelona could be the right choice for you!

Indeed, the brand has become successful very quickly. Furthermore, famous fans such as Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt have been spotted wearing sunglasses from the brand.


David Pellicer founded Etnia Barcelona in 2003. He grew up in a family in the glasses industry and at 17, he was already working in his father’s glasses factory. In creating Etnia Barcelona, he wanted to have a brand which focuses on colour, in a world where other brands were selling black or brown frames, with no interest in bright, happy colours.


Natural acetate is the main material in many of Etnia Barcelona’s frames. Acetate is material made from cotton, rather than petroleum. Furthermore, with this material, you can be guaranteed comfortable, flexible frames that you can wear all day without worrying. Indeed, acetate frames are much more environmentally friendly than some of the brands’ counterparts. To find out more about acetate, click here.

However, you can also find many chic metal frames from Etnia Barcelona. Made from titanium, these frames are lightweight and wearable.

Indeed, with such high-quality materials, the glasses and sunglasses from this brand are extremely comfortable, which is important when wearing them for long periods of time.


When talk turns to glasses, you should not miss out on Etnia Barcelona. The colourful, modern brand symbolises art and architecture, providing you with a pair of stylish, fashionable frames.

The frames are sleek, vibrant and, perhaps most importantly, comfortable. They can be worn for hours at a time, which speaks volumes about how important high-quality materials are!

If you want to stand out from the crowd, while looking trendy yet elegant, then Etnia Barcelona glasses may be the ones for you!


Sunglasses are a fashion statement, which is why you should not overlook Etnia Barcelona when choosing a pair for the summer. Etnia Barcelona’s artistic elements, with inspiration drawn from Barcelona’s architecture itself, means that their chic sunglasses are great for almost everyone. The use of high-quality materials, as well as the delivery of colourful, modern designs, make this brand’s sunglasses something special and extraordinary.

Wearing a pair of sunglasses from Etnia Barcelona ensures that you will be the trendiest person in the room or at the beach!

There are styles here for young and old alike. At Óptica Heiko by Heiko in Torre del Mar, we have a large selection of glasses and sunglasses from Etnia Barcelona. You are sure to find a style that you love from the brand!

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