Service – 100% guaranteed satisfaction

When you buy your glasses at Heiko by Heiko in Torre del Mar, you are guaranteed maximum protection no matter what problems should arise,

and in whichever country you are.

Our goal is that you so happy with our service that you feel like coming back and that you will recommend us to others.

That means we’ll do everything we can to make sure you are a satisfied customer.

Whenever you buy your glasses from us, all this is included in the price:

  • Sight test

    When ordering your glasses, you’ll get a certified sight test which includes scanning for grey and green cataracts. We offer you a second examination after one year.

  • Adjustments

    We adjust your glasses for you. Not just when you buy them, but as often as you like..

  • Guarantee

    If you’re not satisfied with your glasses or if they don’t meet your expectations, we can exchange them or offer you a refund instead. Just so long as you can present your receipt.

  • Cleaning

    Ultrasound frame cleaning and nose pad replacement as often as you like.

  • Two-year full warranty

  • Lens replacement:

    We replace your lenses free of charge if you undergo an operation for grey or green cataract within the first year of getting your glasses.

We offer the same extensive service across all of our shops

  • Torre del Mar

  • Copenhagen

  • Odense

  • Middelfart

  • Svendborg

If we don’t have a shop in the country where you live, we will cover the costs of delivery and shipping.

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