Oakley is the best on the market if you want a pair of glasses or sunglasses that can support your active lifestyle. The brand is a leader in sports glasses. In sports such as golf, volleyball and running, Oakley is, in short, just one step ahead of everyone else! Oakley is superior to all others in the eyewear industry when it comes to implementing technology. That’s why you should opt for Oakley optical glasses if you refuse to compromise on the quality of your glasses. Oakley has managed to combine the many innovative ideas with a beautiful design that makes the glasses stylish to look at. Regardless of whether you need Oakley glasses for everyday or sports activities, we can guarantee you a smart look. The mix of design and technology goes into creating one superb eyewear collection after another.

The quality of Oakley glasses is really in a class of its own. Oakley uses only first-class materials, ensuring an exceptional long-lasting spectacle. The world’s leading athletes have thoroughly tested and quality tested Oakley glasses. Therefore you can be guaranteed a durable, unbreakable pair of glasses!


The Oakley brand was founded in 1975 by American James Jannard. It initially started in his garage, but after becoming wildly successful, it moved to more suitable premises. Since then the brand has been extremely strong, and, today, Oakley is a leader in special sports glasses, but also with a focus in other areas, including ordinary sunglasses and optical glasses. Today, Oakley treat the entire world population to innovative lenses and great eyewear frames that fit snugly to the face, creating a dynamic look. Oakley is unique and state of the art – of that there can be no doubt. James Jannard has never been afraid to bring new technology into the eyewear industry. That is why you will find glasses with HD optics and Iridium lenses – the latter minimize glare and are therefore perfect when the sun is high in the sky and you need a perfect view.


Oakley is created for active life; If you practice sports, whether on a serious or leisure basis, you should have a pair of Oakley sunglasses in your wardrobe! Not only do you get a stylish look, but Oakley also helps to create a better vision as the lenses are up-to-date with the latest technology.

Oakley has lots of patented products, which of course gives you tremendous vision. In addition, Oakley sunglasses are definitely stylish to look at!

Oakley has always had its full focus on quality, technology, and comfort. It should be possible to wear sunglasses, even when situations get more active. This means that you can enjoy Oakley sunglasses even when mountaineering and during intensive races.

The latest collections from the American brand are also equipped with additional technology that makes the sunglasses useful even when the sun is not shining. These glasses are especially good for the golfers among us.

Although Oakley caters primarily to the active lifestyle, you can also enjoy the sunglasses if you are more into relaxation. The glasses fit snugly on your nose where they will stay, regardless of whether you are sweating in the heat of the summer. In addition, the design is very important: the greatest athletes also require a nice look when wearing sunglasses on international television.

Design, functionality, and comfort are most beautifully unified as Oakley presents their newest collections. Explore the range here at Heiko by Heiko. We carry a large selection of Oakley glasses as we admire the innovative American brand. You also get a two-year warranty on all glasses – regardless of whether you buy sports glasses, sunglasses or optical glasses from our range.

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