Saint Laurent

At the French fashion house, great value is attached to the timeless style, which means that their modern glasses and sunglasses never go out of fashion. The simple and sophisticated look shines through, giving the glasses a wide appeal. They suit everyone.

Many celebrities have embraced Saint Laurent, which is a testament to the quality and aesthetics. Furthermore, Saint Laurent glasses and sunglasses bring out your inner celebrity! You can certainly become the fashion icon in your circle of friends if you invest in a pair of luxurious glasses from the French manufacturer.

Design and quality go hand in hand when talking about Saint Lauren. By looking at the product range, you will quickly see why many fashion designers and trendsetters have branded here as their favourites when choosing glasses and sunglasses.

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Yves Saint Laurent established his name already as a 17-year-old, where he won an award for a cocktail dress. Yves Saint Laurent was taught by another master in the field, Christian Dior, at the age of 18. At 21 years old, he became chief designer of the huge fashion house. This has undeniably had a huge impact on the fashion artist who was never afraid to try new designs, materials and technology. Yves Saint Laurent thus wrote himself into the history books with the launch of his own brand.

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the greatest fashion designers this world has ever seen! The French fashion designer has left his mark on the fashion industry, where his life’s work, Saint Laurent, has, and is, among the most coveted brands ever.

Saint Laurent brings new and innovative designs to market every year. The collections are packed with details and modern glasses and sunglasses that make a positive impression on your look!

Saint Laurent appreciates the timeless style and many have unofficially named the founder, Yves Saint Lauren, the greatest fashion designer the world has ever seen. This tells you all you need to know when it comes to what you can expect from sunglasses from the French fashion house. Despite Laurent’s death in 2008, the fashion house has chosen to keep his principles and designs intact.

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YSL, or Yves Saint Laurent, is a popular brand because their phenomenal designs and high quality impress many trendsetters and fashion designers. However, Saint Laurent is by no means the most well-known brand, which is just another good reason to invest in glasses from them, so you stand out from the mainstream herd. Saint Laurent was founded by the now deceased Frenchman of the same name, who attached great value to style and design. This has been Saint Laurent’s reputation ever since, making Saint Laurent a popular brand for the past 50 years. They do not dictate fashion in the same way as Armani or RayBan, but still manage in their own way to establish themselves and be at the top every year.

As previously stated, glasses from Saint Laurent are not nearly as popular as RayBan, for example, which means you do not see large numbers of people wearing Saint Laurent glasses. However, it is by no means negative. Quite the opposite, it is a rare opportunity to get a pair of cool, branded glasses that stand out. Saint Laurent itself is content to lie on the periphery of the well-known brands, as they do not want to be a mainstream. Therefore, it is the ideal spectacle for the person who wants to create his own style.

With more than 50 years of experience, the French manufacturer knows what is required, which is why many distinctive and unique designs have also been seen flowing through the production. Saint Laurent is not afraid to use colours and unique shapes, which helps emphasize their primary advantage; uniquity!

Saint Laurent glasses are designed to amaze and create attention, so buy a unique pair of glasses from the French brand.


Sunglasses are not just sunglasses; they are a status and fashion symbol, which is why one should not compromise when choosing the summer pair. Yves Saint Laurent’s refusal to compromise means that their sunglasses are great for almost everyone. The constant use of first-class materials, as well as the unsurpassed ability to deliver unique designs, make Saint Laurent sunglasses something special and extraordinary.

Here at Óptica Heiko by Heiko in Torre del Mar, you will even find a huge selection of glasses from Saint Lauren, where there is indisputably something for everyone. You are guaranteed to fall in love with a pair if you explore the range. Fortunately, we offer these beautiful, luxurious frames at great prices.

Both women and men can find a pair of sunglasses from Saint Laurent here at Óptica Heiko by Heiko. Attention to the little details and features of each pair of glasses creates a seductive overall impression.

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