Cycling Glasses

When you go in search of new cycling glasses, either for yourself, a family member or a friend, you should carefully consider the situation before buying. Cycling glasses are relatively expensive, which makes it important to choose the right pair for the first time.

There are many ​​different eyewear manufacturers who have chosen to develop entire collections exclusively for cycling enthusiasts. Among the leaders are Oakley, Nike and Adidas. Oakley is especially far advanced in terms of technological development in the field – not only in cycling but also in many other sports.

You should be aware that cycling glasses are usually unsuitable for other sports and running glasses, for example, are not well suited for cycling. This is because each sport has its own distinctive characteristics, which is why you should have a specially tailored eyewear for the particular sport you are practising.

Cycling Glasses are a necessity…

There are several reasons why cycling glasses are a necessity when cycling. First and foremost, the glasses protect your eyes from the sun, which not only makes your experience more comfortable but also makes your journey safer. In addition, you also avoid getting various detritus in your eyes that can also impair your vision and be annoying.

Therefore, it is not just in the summer that you should wear cycling glasses while on the go. It is just as important in the winter or fall, where mud, for example, could prove to be bothersome.

Shop cycling glasses at Heiko by Heiko

At Heiko by Heiko you will find a large selection of cycling glasses from all the biggest and most recognized brands, such as Oakley and Adidas.

You can buy a frame, as well as two sets of lenses, so your cycling glasses are optimized for both summer and winter driving. 

If in doubt, please feel free to contact us so we can help you find the right model!

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