Running Glasses

There are many conditions that influence which model of running glasses you should choose. Ergonomics, fit, material, the lenses themselves and the weight are the most essential, but other conditions can also affect your specific situation. We will take a closer look at some of the conditions below, so you know where to start when looking for the perfect running goggles for both summer and winter.

Ergonomics and Fit

The glasses must sit tightly. Sports glasses typically have to wrap around your head as they have to act as a guard and at the same time be part of your aerodynamic attire. The same is true with running glasses. However, running glasses should not be as tight as cycling glasses, for example, but still be firmly attached to your head. Among other things, a set of running goggles should keep wind, insects, dust and other foreign matter away from the eyes, so that you always have a clear and sharp vision.


Glasses are made in many materials today, including acetate, metal, titanium and wood. When it comes to running goggles, we would recommend acetate as it is a lightweight and an easy material to work with. The material is flexible, which is of course extremely important when practising sports. In addition, acetate is non-slip and therefore helps keep the glasses in place – even when you sweat!

Choosing Lenses

The lenses are naturally very important when choosing running glasses. It can be advantageous to invest in two sets of lenses that can be changed at will. The weather and lighting conditions are very different from run to the run, which is why it can be nice to have something to choose from. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a lens for bright days and a lens for grey weather.

Now you are ready to start the hunt for your new running glasses in the Heiko by Heiko range. We have many of the largest manufacturers in our ever-growing selection, just waiting to be explored by you!